“Look, Eli!” Dov exclaimed. “I caught another one! No- it’s not a fish! Oh! I just hooked a bottle!”

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“It’s not just a bottle,” said Toby as she looked more closely. “It’s a bottle with a paper inside it. Is something written on it?”

Quickly the children unhooked the bottle and took out the paper that was folded inside. On it was written: HELP! 3 FISH STREET

“Eli!” insisted the children, “we have to find 3 Fish Street! Someone needs help!”

“Fish Street, “I’ve heard of Salmon Street, I’ve heard of Sardine Street, I even know where Gefilte Street is, but plain Fish Street?”

“It must be somewhere. Let’s look till we find it,” said Toby. “Shoreward-ho!” Eli called. “Ahoy Fish Street!” Skillfully Eli let out the said, until Ohr flew shoreward, skimming on the crest of the waves. In no time at all they docked Ohr and climbed out onto the wharf.

“Where’s Fish Street?” asked Toby as she began to look for street signs. “Beach Street, Shore Street, Hook Street, Central Avenue…”


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