And with that, Dov jumped up to a walk at least a few more blocks. Suddenly Toby saw a sign that said: FISH STREET

“This is it!” Dov was so excited that his fishing cap nearly fell off. “Now let’s find number 3!” Dov skipped down the street. “Is this it?”

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They had come to a neat, well-kept little house. “No,” replied Toby, “this is number 1 Fish Street.”

The next house was a beautiful mansion. “Maybe this is it!” said Dov. But no, the mansion was number 2 Fish Street.

After the mansion there seemed to be no more houses. They looked down the road, but only saw groves and long wild grass.

“Let’s keep walking,” said Toby. “At least let’s see what’s beyond that curve up ahead.”

They all shook their heads in agreement and walked, and walked and walked.

Finally, they came t a tiny, worn-out cottage, which was surrounded by the same long wild grass. It didn’t look like anyone could live there. But suddenly they noticed some little children peeking out of the doorway. The younger children were still wearing pajamas. It appeared they had not been washed or dressed the whole day.

“Oh!” whispered Dov. “This must be number 3 Fish Street!” Just then a young boy who walked with a crutch came to the door. When he saw the letter that Eli held, he broke into a wild grin.

“Did you write this?” asked Dov. “We came to help!”

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