We welcome all those who are interested in joining the Shulchan Aruch Learning Project.  Everyone is invited to join the first level regardless of their learning background.  Our program specifically allows those who have a limited background in Hebrew to participate in the true depth and breath of the Torah.  The whole project is written entirely in English and is very user friendly for all.

Those who are applying for LEVEL 2 or what is called the Semicha Program must adhere to the following criteria.   According to Tradition, Semicha may only be given to Torah Observant Jewish males. Pirchei Shoshanim through its Vaad HaRabbanim insist that this standard be adhered to. In addition, the Talmidim who choose to enter the Semicha portion of the Program must be G-D fearing responsible people. It is at our discretion to block access and terminate the course for any participant which does not entirely adhere to all precepts of the TORAH and the teaching's of its sages and who does not maintain the high level of integrity that a Semicha represents.  All applicants have to have a written recommendation by an Orthodox rabbi. Those choosing to apply for the Semicha portion of the Shulchan Aruch Project through this application agree unconditionally to these terms.

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