Barry M. Kinzbrunner, MD
Executive Vice President
Chief Medical Officer
Vitas Innovative Hospice Care
Miami, FL

Barry M. Kinzbrunner, MD and FACP, is Executive Vice President and Chief Medical Officer for Vitas Healthcare Corporation of Miami, Florida. He is board certified in internal medicine and medical oncology, and hospice and palliative medicine. He received rabbinic ordination from Pirchei Shoshanim.

Dr. Kinzbrunner spent nine years in the private practice of medical oncology/hematology while also serving as the Medical Director of Hospice, Incorporated, an operational unit of what is now known as Vitas Healthcare Corporation.

Dr. Kinzbrunner developed a research program and a medical education program in hospice and palliative care for third-year medical students at the University of Miami. He has published several articles in major peer-reviewed journals, authored a chapter on the care of the terminally ill cancer patient for a new major medical oncology textbook published in March, 1995 (second edition, January, 2000). He has also written chapters on the treatment of cancer pain and the team approach to pain management in a pain management handbook, published in February, 1996. In September 2001, Dr. Kinzbrunner’s book 20 Common Problems in End of Life Care was published by McGraw Hill. His chapter “Jewish Medical Ethics for Patients Near the End of Life" was published in the Journal of Palliative Medicine in the summer of 2004.

Dr. Kinzbrunner continues to develop professional handbooks, organize and teach courses for medical students, participate in prestigious editorial boards and committees, and publish articles and book chapters, including in the Jewish Hospice Manual. He lectures widely on Jewish Medical Ethics.

Jewish Medical Ethics and End-of-Life Care

The Terri Schiavo Case—from the Viewpoint of Jewish Law