Zev Wolfson


Zev Wolfson was born in Vilna, Poland. He came to America at the age of 17, with his mother and his young brother. He immediate ly went to work, while sending his brother to yeshiva. In no time, he demonstrated a brilliant business mind, and is today a major New York City real estate developer and a very astute Wall Street investor. Among his projects is a magnificent skyscraper at one of the best locations in downtown Manhattan, which started his very successful real estate business.

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Zev Wolfson is blessed with a very large family with many grandchildren. He and his wife are known for many charity activities in the community.  He was lways close to many "giants" in theTorah world: Rav Aaron Kotler, z"], and Rav Pam, shlita, to name only two.

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For over forty years, he has demonstrated a tremendous devotion to actions surrounding the furtherance of Jewish education. His relentless efforts, supported by the biggest authorities in governments in the USA and overseas, have helped develop and maintain yeshivot, Batel Yaacov, day schools, and other projects in Israel and all over the world. At the present time, Russia is also one of the main spheres of his activities. But above all, his fabulous dedication over the last 25 years has helped build Ozar Hatorah in France. His motto has always been, "I work for the Jewish children".