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Need Help?
Existing Businesses that are already in operation.

Who will The Mentor Network help?
Jewish-owned businesses in the US that need assistance, and are in operation are urged to contact The Mentor Network.

What can The Mentor Network do for you?
We have a number of highly skilled and successful volunteers who will give of their time and expertise to help rescue your business. In essence, we can assist Jewish-owned businesses in the following ways:

By looking at fundamentals such as:

What business are you in?
What products/services do you sell?
Has your market changed?
Why don't your old business methods work anymore?
What will it take to save your business?

By providing professional analysis and expert understanding of the financial, marketing and operational requirements of your business.

To help you turn your business around and become profitable, provided that a sustainable business model can be applied to it.

To assist you in developing an achievable business growth plan.

If necessary, we can help you terminate your business operations in a controlled manner.

How will The Mentor Network set about helping you?
Your needs will be matched to appropriate services offered by our voluntary consultants, who all experts in their chosen fields. You will meet with the consultant/s to establish the initiatives needed to jump-start your business again.

What is YOUR first step?
Please fill in the form and hit the "SUBMIT" button at the end, your details will be added to our database. Once we've analyzed your data, we'll contact you.