Joseph J.Cayre


Joseph J. Cayre was born in 1941, in Miami, Florida. His father Jack, z"l, was a successful businessman.

From an early age, Jo developed a very sharp mind for business and created a video company which became Good Times Entertainment, today a leading company in   the stock market.

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His two brothers Stanley and Ken run the company with him. Jo Cayre lives in Brooklyn with his wife Trina and is blessed with five wonderful children. He is known to have one hobby his children. Jo and the Cayre family are true leaders of their community and are involved in every charity, from synagogues to yeshivot, from schools to welfare programs and institutions. His mother Grace is well-known for her charitable deeds and her wonderful personality. Jo never hesitates to commit himself first, in order to stimulate others to follow him. He is becoming a major leader of his community and among the most generous of his generation.