Isaac Shalom
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Isaac & Alice Shalom with their three eldest children.

Isaac Shalom was born in Aleppo, Syria, and immigrated to the USA in 1910.

He arrived practically penniless but he developed into a successful businessman, enjoying a reputation for integrity. He was an aristocrat,  He was one of the founders of the Syrian community in New York. He was largely responsible for the founding of six well attended synagogues, two large yeshivot, two Institutes of Higher Jewish Learning and a Youth Center. He inspired the Syrian community to an outstanding record of philanthropic activities. He was a fervent supporter of the State of Israel.

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But his crowning achievment was the founding of Ozar Hatorah, together with Joseph Shamah, the first chairman of the Committee in Jerusalem, a most dedicated man who devoted his whole life to children education and care with Ozar Hatorah. Entire communities numbering in the tens of thousands were resuscitated because Isaac Shalom, z"l , came to the assistance of his brethren.