Projects 1934-1997

1934 Isaac and Alice Shalom travel to Israel and the middle East and discover disastrous conditions.

1940 committee for forgotten Million formed. Meknez Mullah school opened in Morocco.

1944 OZAR HATORAH established. (1945-48)  $250,000 distribued to schools in Israel.

1946 School open in Tripoli. OZAR HATORAH recognized by United States governement.

1947 Em Habbinim Casablanca school opened in Morocco.J.D.C. recognizes and supports O.H. in Iran.

1948 Schools open in Shraz,Iran; Rue de Anglais, Morocco; Ovezanne, Morocco and Casablanca, Morocco. Schools in
Casablanca named N've Shalom. 29 schools opened in Israel. Israel becomes an independent state. J. D.C. recognizes and supports O.H. schools in Morocco.

1949 All schools in Israel are taken over by the Israeli government. School is loll' opened in Beirut, Lebanon.

1950 Schools opened in Teheran, Iran and Tangiers, Morocco.

1951 Schools opened in Chunsap, Kattlistan, Babol, Kurdistan and Casablanca, Morocco.

1952 School is opened in Chorneyyne, Kurdistan. Ets Chaim Tangiers is opened in Morocco.

1953 Schools opened in Siery Tarash, Iran and Abu Dan, Iran.Adult Education programs instituted in all existing schools.

1954 School is opened in meshed, Iran and Gol Paigan, Kurdistan.

1955 Girls'school opened in  Tangiers, Morocco. Girl's school opened in      Meknez, Morocco. Em Habonim Sefrou is opened in Morocco.

1956 high School for boys is opened in Tangiers, Morocco. School is opened in Baka Saba, Iran and Sar Pol Zahab, Iran.

1957 Kollel Etz Chaim is opened in Tangiers, Morocco. School is opened in Fez, Morocco.

1958 High School for girls opened in Tangiers, Morocco. School opened in Marrakech Mellah,   Morocco.

1959 Another school opened  in Sefrou, Morocco. Talmud Torah Fez opened in Morocco.

1960 Another school opened in Casablanca, Morocco.School opened in Ragh Darnes, Iran. For the first  time, O.H. is written up  in the TA.I.C.H report.

1962   N've Shalom girl's school is established in Rabat, Morocco.

1963 Keter Torah New Town schoolopenedin Meknez, Morocco.

1964 School opened in Lyon, France.

1966 Talmud Torah New Town school opened in Marrakech, Morocco. 

1968 World Jewish leaders saddened by the passing of Mr. Isaac Shalom.

1970 School opened in Sarcelles, France.

1971 Schools opened in  Strasbourg and  Marseilles, France.

1972 J.D.C. recognizes and supports O.H. programs in France.

1973 School opened in Creteil, France.

1977 New School and dormitories open in La Tretoire, France.

1978 New school built in Creteil, France.

1980 New wings built in the Creteil school, France. New wing built in the  Sarcelles school, France.

1983 New school opened in Toulouse, France.

1984 New school built in Sarcelles, France. New school opened in Garges, France.

1986 New School opened in Paris 20th, France.

1987 New school opened in Creteil, France. New school opened in  Sarcelles, France.

1988 New school opened in Paris 11th district, France.

1989 Joint project with community in Marseilles,  France.
New school built  in Toulouse, France.

1990 New school opened in Paris 13th district. New school under construction in Antony, France.

1991 New school built and opened in Antony, France.

1992 Campus and dormitory opened in Toulouse, France.

1993 First Jewish Special Aid for Handicapped children integrated classes opened in 20th and 13th district.   

1994   Rabbi Israel Szyf establishes office in the C.I.S. and opens programs in Baku, Tashkent and Samarwant.

1995 New mikvah opened in Creteil.

1996 New school under construction in Paris 17th district (joint project with Chief Rabbi of France).New program to fund Syrian Jewish children's  education by taking them out of public schools in  U.S.A.

1997 50th Anniversary of OzarHatorah celebrated at festive luncheon, chaired by  Mr. Edmond J. Safra, honoring Mr. Paul Reichmann and Mr. Joseph J. Cayre.