Rabbi jean-Paul Amoyelle is a builder, who has established many schools, day care centers, yeshivot and kollelim in France. If the revival of Jewish Education in France can be attributed to one person, It is due to the efforts of Rabbi Amoyelle.

"Build a school, save a country"

His motto is: "Build a school, save a country." He is presently acknowledged by the French government to be the representative of the main Jewish Educational Network in  France.

In his youth, Rabbi Amoyelle headed Ozar Hatorah schools in Morocco, mainly Tangier and Casablanca. In 1967, he came to France and established, together with his most dedicated friend josio Charbit, an Ozar Hatorah school in Sarcelles with 18 students. In 1971, as a vice-president of Ozar Hatorah, he was instrumental in founding the  umbrella network of Ozar Hatorah- France, with his friends Rabbi Yehuda Elkairn and Gabriel Benichou. In 1973, they founded a school in Cretell, with just seven children. In 1975, a building was constructed for the school in Sarceiles, which had grown to 500 students, and in 1978 a building was constructed for the growing school in Créteil.

In 1977, he established a yeshiva in La Trétoire. Then he founded several schools, together with Jacob Teboul, in Paris 20th, 11 th and
13th districts, in addition to schools in Toulouse, Marseille and Antony.

He is currently working with the Chief Rabbi of France on an educational center in Paris 17th district.