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by Dr. Avigdor Bonchek


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Parashas Behar

Vayikra 25:29

And if a man shall sell a residence house in a walled city its redemption can take place until the end of the year; its period of redemption shall be a year.


And its redemption can take place: Rashi: of the house.

This is a simple and short comment.

What would you ask?

Your Question:


A question: What has Rashi told us that we wouldn't have known without his comment?

What is bothering him?


An Answer: The verse begins with "If a man shall sell" etc. It would seem that the subject of the verse is the man who sells. So the verse might mean "His ( not "its") redemption will be etc. That is the man who sold it has a year to redeem it.

How does his comment deal with this?

Your Answer:


An Answer: Clearly Rashi says that is not correct. The suffix " vav " refers back to the house that was sold - its redemption is a year.

But how do we know Rashi's interpretation is correct?

Is there any evidence to support his understanding?


An Answer: The next verse (30) says :" And if it will not be redeemed " etc. The passive "it will not be redeemed" is evidence that we are referring to the house. Otherwise if it referred to the seller it would have said "And if he did not redeem it"

Shabbat Shalom
Avigdor Bonchek

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