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by Dr. Avigdor Bonchek


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Parashas Lech Lecha (74)

Bereishis 13: 14

And Hashem said to Avram after Lot separated from him: Raise your eyes and look from where you are - northward, southward, eastward and westward.


after Lot separated from him: Rashi: All the time that the evil one was with him, the word [of G-d] separated itself from him.

This is a somewhat easy Rashi to analyze.

But there are questions to be asked.

Why does Rashi make this comment?

What is bothering him?

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An Answer: The words "after Lot separated from him" appear irrelevant. The Torah could have said simply "And Hashem appeared to Avram " without mentioning Lot's separation.

How does Rashi's comment deal with this?

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An Answer: Since these words are mentioned they must be related to G-d's appearing to Avram. The conclusion is self-evident - Only until Lot separated from Avram would G-d allow himself to appear to Avram. Because Lot was an evil person.

Can you think of a question here?

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But Hashem had spoken with Avram while Lot was still with him! He spoke with at the beginning of the sedra (12:1) and again (12:6); the first time was when G-d told Avram to leave his home for Canaan, the second time was when Hashem gave him a blessing promising that his children will inherit the Land. A second question is: Why is Lot called an evil one? What evil did he do?

Have you some answers?

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Some Answers: Let us answer the second question first. It would seem the only thing Lot did which could be considered bad was that he chose to live in Sodom and leave his righteous uncle. Of course, Lot separated because his sheppards were fighting with Avram's sheppards over the grazing land. So this too may an indication of his greediness, and his lack of thankfulness to Avram for sharing his wealth with him.

This too would explain why Hashem did speak with Avram earlier even though Lot was with him - because at that time Lot had done nothing wrong.

We should note that although Lot left Avram, Avram did not abandon Lot in his time of need (when he was captured).

Shabbat Shalom
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