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by Reuben Ebrahimoff -
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The Haftarah for Parashat Noach

The Haftara is read from the Book of Isaiah
Chapter 54:1-55:5

The Story line of this weeks Haftarah: Yerushalim Will be rebuilt with Precious gems and All the Jews will know the Torah.

Jerusalem will be repopulated (54:1-3) Comfort to Jerusalem, “Rani Akara Lo Yalada” “Sing out, O barren one, who has not given birth, break out into glad song and be jubilant, O one who has no labor pains,for the children of the desolate (Jerusalem) outnumber the children of the inhabited city – said Hashem”. 54:2Expand, Jerusalem! Then Isaiah instructs Jerusalem to make a lot more room forthe incoming exiles. The Jews will increase vastly. Don’t hesitate Jerusalem, go all out , the rough times are over and the brilliant years are coming. Because Hashem is your master, you are his wife and he wants you back now! Yes, I got angry with you in the past and turned my back against you for a shortwhile but I will never do that again. Hashem will in-gather the Jewish Nation, never to disperse it again. (54:4-8). Hashem Will Not Destroy Israel Comfort that our present situation is only temporary.(54:9-10) Similar to the promise I made to Noah, I am promising you (Israel) to never get angry again. For Hashem’s kindness will not leave us and his peace will endure, so says Hashem. Hashem will rebuild Jerusalem With Gems. Future Wealth (54:11-12) The Spiritual Greatness (54:13) If the Jews Obey Hashem, they need not fear the Enemy. Hashem will be righteous to the Jew. (54:14-17) Hashem is in Charge of War andPeace. (55:1-3). Call to all Jews to Study Torah. Isaiah explains the Virtues of Torah Study. Subordination of all the Nations to The Nation of Israel in the Time of The Mashiach. (55:4-5).

The Connection of the Haftarah to the Parasha: Both The Parasha and the Haftorah speak of hashem "saving" the world and the Nation of Israel.

Haftorahman’s thought of the week. Imagine when Isaiah says that Jerusalem open up the pegs on your party tent, it’s going to be a big one! There is a saying that “We are all the children of one man“, so we are all family and the whole family is invited to this party.

Famous Phrases from the Book of Isaiah: This is the last passuk ofthe prayer “Uvah Letzion” said three times a day, just before we say AleynuLeshabeach”. Taken from Isaiah 42:21 “Hashem chafetz le’ma’an tzidko yagdiltorah v’ya’adir”. “Hashem desired, for the sake of Israel’s righteousness, thatthe Torah be made great and glorious”.

Isaiah’s Biography:

  • Name means “Salvation of Hashem”
  • · Wrote his own book, 66 chapters long
  • · Father was a prophet named Amoz
  • · Was from a royal family and had access to the Bait Hamikdash. ( The Holy Temple)
  • · He was born in the year 765 b.c.e. (8th century) about 2760 years ago.
  • · 25 years old when he had his first prophetic vision.
  • · After Moses he was considered to be the greatest of all prophets.
  • · 4 prophets lived in Isaiah’s time –Hosea, Amos, Michah and Isaiah.
  • · Born circumcised
  • · He survived 4 kings – Uzziah, Yotham ,Ahaz, Hezkiah
  • · He lived 120 years
  • · Isaiah said he saw a “vision” of Hashem’s throne.
  • · He had one wife and two sons. His sons names were Maher Shlal Baz & Shear Yashuv.
  • · He was killed by Menasheh the King of Judah.
  • · He predicted Israel’s demise

Timeline: This Haftarah takes place just before the Bait Hamikdash was destroyed about 2600 years ago.

Map: Isaiah prophecied in Jerusalem.

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