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"Take the Levites from among the Children of Israel......"(8:6)

G-D is commanding Mosha to designate the Levites for the Tabernacle service.........Rashi comments that this "taking" was done with words of encouragement, namely "fortunate are you (Levites) that you have merited to be servants to Hashem". (Refer to Rashi).

The Torah is teaching us that the key to serving G-d properly is to realize the magnitude of the good fortune it is to be considered "G_Ds servants".

Knowing and appreciating this very fact can perhapes transform ones lethargic service to G-d to one filled with excitement. It is for this very reason Mosha had to encourage the Levites to service by making the Levites realize their glorious status as "G-ds servants".

There is no greater distinction than being considered "G-ds servant"......Remember we are talking about Almighty G-d.......This very thought is awesome indeed to consider......... Especially in Kiruv and chinuch , it is of paramount importance to consider well the best possible way to encourage others towards greater hights in their service to Hashem.Just like Mosha used words of encouragement to motivate the Levites towards recognizing their unique purpose, so to must we use words of encouragement to bring others and ourselves towards greater heights in serving Hashem....We must constantly speak of the greatness inherent in Hashems service.........especially to our students,children, others and ourselves........Have a Good Shabbos.....


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