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"AndHashem Elok. called to Adam ,and said to him , "where are you?"(3:9)

In "Derech Eeretz Rabbah" (3:2) , the Rabbis (zecher labracha) learn out from this very verse that " a person should never enter the house of his friend(refer to Pesachim 112a and Niddah 16b, even ones own house) suddenly.... since Hashem stood at the entrance of the garden ,and called out to Adam ,as it is stated in the verse (3:9)........" Many times in the coarse of ones learning, one comes across a CHAZAL (zecher labracha)that at face value seems very simplistic. Why does CHAZAL have to teach us something which is readily understood? Everybody knows that its bad manners to enter a domain (even ones own) without allowing the inhabitants to ready themselves, and not be caught in an embarrasing situation? ........I would like to learn a noval idea (chidush) that Chazal (Zecher labracha) is perhapes teaching us about the definition of greatness. Greatness is the culmination of everyday simple acts of rightousness......One need not seek out any sophisticated methods to serve hashem.....Simply by knocking before entering, a person can in fact imitate G-ds very own rightous acts.Chazal( Zecher labracha)through the Torah is essentially teaching us that greatness is literally at our fingertips....By simply being aware that we are always being confronted by these simple acts of rightousness is in deed very comforting......Practice simple acts of rightousness, and trully become great Bezer Hash.........have a good Shabbos......


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