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"In the beginning......."(1:1)

A very famous question is being asked, why does the Torah begin with the letter "Beit"? (the 2nd letter of the Alef-beit) I would like to give an original answer,Bezrat Hashem.......THe letter Beit corresponds to the number 2. We find in Pirkei Avot (3:2) the following: "Rabbi Channaya Ben Teradyon says-----But when 2 people sit together and engage in words of Torah, the presence of G-d is with them,as its stated, "Those who feared G-d spoke to each other.......(Malachi 3:16)". (end of Quote) Therefore the reason the letter "Beit" is the first letter of the Torah is to teach us that our purpose in this world is to bring the Devine Presence into our lives, namely when one person connects with another,especially in the pursuit of rightousness and Torah wisdom. We must all try to build a domain where the Devine Presence can rest. When a person shares Torah with his friend, G-ds name is being glorified because instead of one man striving to know G-d two are........ This process can in essence create an avalanche of Torah learning.................Have a good shabbos.......


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