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" And G-d created the giant sea -giants,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,," (1:21)

Rashi comments based on Baba Batra 74a that this is refering to the "Leveyaton" and its mate. G-d had prepared the female for the future banquet when the righteous will feast. This was done imediately because if they would mate the world would not be able to exist perhapes due to their size. (Please refer to Rashi for further details.) We know that it was urgent to do so as explained in Rashi. However why didn't G-d just create one of the species ? Also, why prepare "now" (at the time of creation) for a future event, namely the great banquet for the righteous when Moshiach will arrive? We can ,Bezrat Hash., learn a tremendous lesson. This is an original answer. Just like G-d prepared the meal for the righteous "now" (at the time of creation) for the future, we must also likewise prepare ourselves for the future banquet presently.We must all faithfully believe that such an event will happen.Do we want to be invited guests, or not? This is a very interesting question indeed! We prepare ourselves by keeping the Mitzvot and learning the Torah. Let me explain by means of a parable (Moshal), as follows: There once existed a great king that made a banquet for his subjects in a years time.. However, only the finest dressed subjects could attend.The wise subjects prepared early for the event. However, the lazy ones kept waiting for the last minute. The date of the banquet finally arrived, and guards were stationed at the door to see who was dressed properly for the event.The lazy ones were turned away for lack of dress.What a missed opportunity. If only they had prepared themselves.............The time for us to prepare ourselves for the Banquet is now. We must all present ourselves in the furture, but our "fancy" clothes are the mitzvat that we perform.Did we feed the poor widow and orphan? Did we feed them with a smile?This is how we prepare ourselves for the King's banquet.However, timing is everything. Just as G-d prepared for the banquet immediately, so must we.You are an invited guest, but are you prepared adequately for the event? Have a good Shabbos.


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