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This Torah thought is being dedicated to my beloved father, Nachman Shimon ben Yehuda Meir Hakohan, Z"L.


"In the beginning G-d (Elokim) created ...................."

In the first verse of the Torah , it uses G-d's name as Elokim which denotes the attribute of Justice. Yet in verse 2:4 , it uses both of G-d's names one denoting mercy and the other denoting justice when describing the creation.

Rashi explains that when G-d first created the universe the attribute of strict justice was paramount, yet when G-d literally saw that the universe would not be able to survive, He ,thereby, fused justice with the attribute of mercy so that the universe could be sustained. (Please refer to Rashi and the 2 verses for further details.) A tremendous lesson can be derived from this explanation, BEZRAT HASHEM.

A very curious phenomena exists in the psychology of Man.

A person is always trying to seek mercy for himself, yet when it comes to his fellow man that perhaps wronged him in some way strict justice is always sought and demanded. However, we must learn from G-d Almighty that justice without being combined with mercy is dangerous. Yet, a combination of justice and mercy are definitely required so that the universe can exist and prosper. This is how G-d runs the universe, why should we conduct ourselves any different? Can we atleast allow our fellow man the ability "to save face" , just as we would like the same courtesy for ourselves!!!!!!

Conflicts exist in life, yet we must always strive to adequately be able to combine mercy with our demands for justice. Baba Mezia 30b states a very disturbing statement, as follows: " Jerusalem was only destroyed because the people demanded the " strict letter of the law".............." (END OF QUOTE) . The people sought to destroy one another by demanding strict justice without compromise. This is a very dangerous way to live that G-d Himself wished to avoid when creating the universe. This is no small matter..........Have a good Shabbos.........


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