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"and you shall tell your son on that day saying: It is because of what Has. did for me when I came out of Egypt....(13:8)

One of the 613 Mitzvat of the Torah is the Mitzvah to relate the departure from Egypt,on the evening of the 15 of Nissan.........

The Sefer Hachinuch (Parshat Bo #21) brings the Halacha "that even if a person is alone......a person is obligated to speak the words (of the Exodus) with his mouth, so that his heart will be aroused about the matter (Exodus)......."

However , the sefer Hachinuch also explains the rational for such an obligation by adding the following: "for by speech the heart is aroused........." A person can learn a very powerful lesson from the Sefer Hachinuch, namely that what a person says has a definite and substancial influence on the person's heart...........There does exist a conduit to one's heart, namely the tongue...........Therefore, consider the following examples well:

(1) If a person will only speak words of kindness, that person in essence can and will develop a kind heart........

(2) if a person speaks G-ds praises, that person can and will develop a strong and sound appreciation for G-ds wonderous attributes , and

(3) if a person speaks words of Torah, that person can and will develop a heart which is in tune with the Torahs dictates...........,and so on and so forth.

In Mishlei (18:21), Shlomo Hameloch states, "Death and life are in the tongue's power "......which literally demonstrates the power which lies within all of us. Can we possibly afford to waste this precious commonity which can literally give us life..........!!!!!!!!!! Let us all try to utilize the power of speech for good, so that we can perhaps condition and exercise our hearts for greatness.......Have a good Shabbos Bezer Hash.


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