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"G-d said to Mosha and Aaron in the land of Egypt, saying, This month shall be for you the beginning of the months... ........................................" (12:1-2)

When G-d transmitted the Mitzvah for the court to sanctify each new month to Mosha, Aaron was privy and included in this transmission.Rashi comments that because Aaron was busy like Mosha in the activation of the miracles,Aaron was thereby included in the transmission of this Mitzvah. This was a great honor bestowed upon Aaron for his part in bringing about the redemption from Egypt. (Please refer to Rashi) We can ,Bezrat Hashem, learn a tremendous lesson from Rashi's explanation. A person must always try to join with other's in order to bring about changes for the better, especially when it comes to spiritual matters. Aaron assisted Mosha in many different capacities so that the redemption of the Jewish people could be facilitated. People have tremendous potential to bring about changes that are needed for the betterment of the society around them. But, it takes people to join together so that these changes can be put into motion. Lets look at some examples,as follows: (1) People can join together to study Torah . Even to start a small "Bais Medrash" (Study hall) where people can gather together for the sole purpose of promulgating Torah study. What a glorious endeavor?, (2) People can start and organize "Interest-free loan societies" so that Jews in need of loans can come and borrow money according to Jewish Law. (3) Or people can start "Tzdakah" (charity) funds for indigent Jews in need of funds. The ideas are literally endless....................................................We see that because of Aaron's efforts, he was greatly rewarded. G-d included Aaron together with Mosha in the teaching of the laws concerning the Jewish calendar. What a glorious reward? We too must learn from Aaron , and be part of some endeavor that will bring us honor and Devine reward. I would like to propose an original "Moshal" (parable) that is pertinent to this concept ,Bezrat Hashem, as follows: There once was a group of villagers that would bring their merchandise to the city. This is how they made their living. They would travel through a certain road that would lead to the city. However, this road had a Hugh boulder right smack in the middle of the road that would cause the villagers much hardship.One day a certain villager decided that he would at least try to move this boulder. So he got a shovel and rope and worked hard at his task. When people saw him, some joined to help him. However, many people did not even try to assist him. After some time, the few who did join him were able to move the boulder. Yet they discovered something truly amazing that underneath the boulder was a vast treasure with the finest jewels. These few villagers , thereby. became wealthy beyond their dreams. Have a good Shabbos


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