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Chayei Sarah

.....and Lavan ran out onto the man... and it was when he saw the ring and the bracelets on his sisters hand....(24:29-30)

Rashi comments that the reason Lavan ran is because"when lavan saw the jewelry on his sister, Lavan said,"this man is wealthy, and Lavan thus focused his attention on the money".(refer to Rashi and the Siftei Chachomim).........In Mishlei(2:4) it is stated" If you seek it (Torah) as silver and search for it as a treasure, then you will understand the fear of G-d".........From the actions of Lavan , who obviously loved money, we can get a glimpse into how much motivation is needed in regard to serving G-d.....Lavan who literally "ran" towards Eliezer, demonstrated his appreciation and desire for worldly possessions...... Shlomo Hamelach (Alov Hasholom) is teaching us a very valuable lesson from Mishlei(2:4)....Find the very thing that motivates you, and use those very feelings and emotions attaining "fear of Heaven".....The very drives which we have are given to us by Hash. as examples as to how much desire is required in serving Hash.........Perhapes this is the thought behind Chazal when they said,"The greater the man, the greater the Yetzer Harah (evil inclination)".......Great men know the secret of utilizing their desires and impulses, and transforming the available energy towards"serving G-d".......Perhapes we should do the same, Bezer Hash...............Have a Good Shabbos, Bezer hash......


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