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"And Hashem said to Mosha: Fear him (Og) not, because into your (yisrael) hand I have delivered him (Og)" (21:34)

Rashi comments that the reason Mosha feared Og was because in Bereshis (14:13),OG was the one who informed Abraham concerning the capture of Lot in the war of the kings.(refer to Bereshis (14:13) This was a kindness Og had done for Avraham, as a result Og had a merit in his defense. However, Rashi in Bereshis (14:13) states that Ogs kindness was in fact tainted since Og intented that Avraham be killed in battle ,and thus be able to marry Sarah as a result.......We can Bezer Hashem learn a very valuable lesson from Moshas apprehension of Og. Eventhough Ogs kindness to Abraham was tainted and incomplete, Mosha still feared Ogs merit........A person should never underestimate the tremendous value of any good deed even those blemished with ulterior motives. One should always try to do good with pure intent, however,if this possibility is momentarily infeasible, one should never keep from doing a good deed nonetheless.Mosha understood and trully appreciated all good deeds, why shouldnt we? This prospect should perhapes give us some joy in the performance of all good deeds. Have a good Shabbos.....


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