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DEVARIM far as the great river, the river Euphaties......(1:7)

Rashi comments that since the Euphaties was mentioned together with the land of Israel, it is called "GREAT", as the common proverb says, "The servant of a king is a king" (by association). We can, Bezer Hashem, learn a very valuable lesson from this Rashi...... Greatness is not a stagnent thing, but, encompasses anything associated with it... When a person fills his or her time with Torah learning, that very Torah learning is what makes a person great by the mere fact its directly related to G-d. Every person by nature wants to be great and accomplish great feats.... G-d created Man with that very inclination for a purpose....

This can potentially motivate a person to great heights in Torah, if we can only harness it for good....... We all sense a yearning for greatness stirring inside all of us..... We can quench this stirring by simply associating ourselves with Hashem, namely by fulfilling the great aspirations inherent in the Torah which are G-dly...... If G-ds greatness is limitless, why shouldn't we access it through the very means that makes us trully great, namely Torah observance and learning? Just like a king's servant becomes great through the king, so too every Jew becomes great through associating with Hashem.... Greatness is our birthright, why should we keep it away?

Have a good Shabbos.....


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