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"These are the words Moshe spoke to Israel" (1:1)

Rashi comments that Mosha is actually enumerating the places Kallal Yisrael had angered Has.... A question can be asked, why is it necessary for Mosha to enumerate the past sins of Kallal Yisrael at this particular point before Kallal Yisrael enters Eretz Yisrael? Wouldn't it be more productive to concentrate on the future? However, the answer may be found when we realize that the Jewish People were ending a period and ushering in a new era; the era of entering and settling Eretz Yisrael.The past is essential for the future success of Kallal Yisrael. Mosha is telling Kallal Yisrael, remember your past sins so that they won't be repeated in the future.

This is a classic example of "Masah Avot Simon L'Banim", meaning the events of the forefathers is a lesson for the children. In essence, don't be afraid of your past, study it, remember it and learn from it. Many people don't want to acknowledge past sins due to their conceit. However, this is not a Torah true attitude. The lesson of starting a new beginning with an accounting of the past can not be better illustrated than what is written in the Mishnah Berurah (Hilchos Kriyat Shema al Hamita, Simon239/sif katon8)"the seforim write that at night before one goes to sleep its proper for a person to evaluate ones deeds that one had done during the day .If one finds a sin one should concentrate on it and accept not to repeat it..."The process of evaluating ones past is an essential component in ones future growth in avodot Hash...Have a good Shabbos.....


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