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"And it shall be "because"you listen to these ordinances"(7:12)

Rashi comments that the ordinances referred to here are the "mitzvot Kollot"(or small Mitsvot) that one might trample on or neglect. In Pirkei Avot (1:3) the Mishna states"Antignus the man of Suko received from Shimon Hatzaddik that one should serve G-d"like a servant that serves his master without any intention of receiving a reward". When serving Has., it must be clear that the sole purpose is to sanctify G-ds name. A true "oved Has. (servant of G-d) never looks at reward as his or her motivating factor, serving G-d alone is reward enough. Consider well what you are doing when performing mitzvot in that you are serving the Creator ...Its mind boggling...However, when a person begins to focus on rewards for service, a serious mistake can be made in that one starts evaluating mitzvot in terms of reward potential, and begins to neglect certain mitzvot he or she deems "small". The Torah is warning the "Oved Has." not to be fooled by such evaluations. All mitzvot are important, even the ones you might deem small, by the mere fact that they are from Has...have a good Shabbos.........


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