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EIKEV walk in all HIS (G-D) ways... (11:22)

Rashi comments that a person must emulate G-d: G-d is merciful, so must we be merciful ; He is charitable, so must we be charitable..... A question can be asked, why is it so important for us to try to emulate G-ds ways, arent we just mere mortals?

In Bereshis (Genesis 1:27) when the Torah describes the creation of man, it states that ,"in the image of G-d, G-d created man". This very verse teaches us that man is endowed with G-dliness. According to Kabbalistic thought every soul is imbued with a holy "spark" emanating from G-d Almighty. This concept is awesome in deed......However,in order to manifest this G-dliness we must try to act G-dly, namely by imitating G-d......... Therefore,if G-d is mercifull and kind, we must be so as well.........

When we observe small children, we often find them trying to imitate their parents in some way. This is in fact the most innocent and sincere expression of love towards their parents.As humans we try to do the same in respect to G-d. Yearning to be like G_d is similarly a sincere expression of love towards G-d. This definately changes our limiting notions of who we trully are.......We must all try to discover the G-dliness within all of us,and try to nurture it,namely through mercy and kindness.........Have a good Shabbos.....


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