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"Give hear, O heavens and I will speak; and may the earth hear the words of my mouth.......(32:1)

Two of the most important foundations of the Torah is peace and humility. The heavens teach the world about peace , and the earth teaches about humility......How? Rabbenu Bachya in Parshat Shoftim (introduction) relates that " it is known that heaven was created first and called "SHAMAYIM" because fire and water which are opposites combined together to form the heaven which could only be done if both fire and water made peace with one another....." (end of quote) .

We can learn a very valuable lesson that when a person looks up towards the heaven , it should instill in him or her the importance of pursueing peace, just like the heaven exists because of peace.... Furthermore, when someone looks at the earth one sees dirt and dust. Man was created from the dust as its stated in (Bereishis 2:7) " And Hash. formed man of dust from the ground........"

However, dirt is very simple and elemental, not sophisticated and proud.......-When Mosha Rabbenu refers to the heaven and earth, he is essentially educating the Jewish people in the core values of the Torah , namely peace and humility.......We all know how many sins against either G-d or man ,chas vesholom ,could have been prevented with peace and humility.....Just follow Mosha Rabbenu's advice, and use the heavens and the earth as examples........Have a Good Shabbos......


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