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Ki Savo

"That you shall take of the first of every fruit....."(26:2)

This verse is refering to the special Mitzvah of Bikkurim.When a landowner notices that the first fruit (wheat,barley,grapes,pomegranates,olives and dates) begin to ripen, he attaches a thread around it to distinguish it as Bikkurim.He waits untill the fruit fully ripens, and then takes them to the Temple in Jerusalem. The offerer of Bikkurim was also required to stay overnight in Jerusalem before returning home. This is known as "Lina",lodging overnight in Jerusalem. We can, Bezer Hashem, learn a very valuable lesson in the performance of Mitzvot generally from "Lina". Every Mitzvah that a person has the opportunity to perform is precious, and in essence our key to coming close to Hashem. This is in deed a wonderfull gift that is bestowed to us from G-d. At no time should any person view Mitzvot as a burden that must be gotten rid of as soon as possible (chos vesholom). A person must in actuality try to absorb and cultivate each and every Mitzvoh to the fullest extent. Every Mitzvah is a portal from the mundane to the sacred......Although the landowner surely has much to do back home, he must however forsake his mundane matters, and attend to his spiritual matters in a patient and courteous manner.We all have busy lives, but never should the spiritual be rushed and cast off like a burden................Have a good Shabbos


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