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"A Ammoite or a Moabite shall not enter the Cong. of eternity . Because they did not greet you with bread and water on the road when you were leaving Egypt" (23:4-5)

Every person (or even a nation) is given an opportunity to do something that will make them truly great. Amon and Moav were given such an opportunity.......! But, because of their miserly and close minded attitudes forfeited this opportunity.....G-d punished Moav and Amon that even if one of their males wishes to convert, he will not be allowed to marry a jewish woman. If Moav and Amon would have only opened up their hearts with generosity and kindness to the Jewish people, they would have been examples to the world for all eternity....Oy, to lost opportunities!

The lesson of the Torah is twofold, (1) opportunities for greatness are presented to everyone (even Moav and Amon) and (2) the consequences of missing such opportunities are dire. But, how can a person embrace the challenge of greatness? By using the following "roshi tevot" :

e e x w h
n a p a o
e d e r u
r i c e g
o n t n h
s e a e t
i s t s
t s i s
y o

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