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"See I have called by name Bezalel the son of Uri.... of the tribe of Judah" (31:2).......And I have appointed with him Ahaliov.....of the tribe of Dan....."(31:6)

In Shemos Rabbah (40:4), it is stated that Has. had purposely joined Bezalel and Ahaliov in order to unite the most exalted of the tribes, Judah, with the "lowliest",Dan......Hash. wanted to teach the Jewish people not to despise the tribe of Dan because in G-ds eyes the great and small are equal......

We can , Bezer Hash., learn a very valuable lesson from this Medrash, namely that G-d loves every Jew regardless of his or her financial or family status. G-d understood and was well aware of the pain suffered by Dan in regard to his status, and therefore specifically selected Ahaliov as a member of the tribe of Dan to be directly involved in the building of the Mishkan(tabernacle)...

Let us open the doors to every Jew, and bring them close to the service of Hash. with kindness, love and understanding.....If G-d can do it , why can't we? Have a good Shabbos......


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