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" "..........He (G-d) gave Moses the 2 Tablets of Testimony.........." (31:18)

After the giving of the Torah Moses stayed in Heaven for 40 days learning the Torah...........At the end of the 40 days, G-d gave Moshe 2 sapphire tablets of identical shape and size. On them were engraved the 10 Commandments.......... (Shemos Rabbah 41:8)

A question can be asked: Why were 2 tablets given istead of 1? What lesson can be learned? Perhaps, Bezrat Hashem, I would like to give an original answer as follows: We all know that the number 2 always follows the number 1.........In reality number 2 is always secondary to number 1. The essential key to properly observing the Torah is to be humble and modest, which is exactly what the number 2 represents.....The number 2 is always secondary to the number 1.......

Many people mistakenly believe that being number 1 is the place to be, however, this place is primarily reserved for G-d Almighty.

When a person accepts the fact that he or she is number 2, only then can the Torah be acquired......When a person subjugates himself to G-d and yields towards his fellow man with common courtesy, these are in reality the corner stones by which the Torah can be built.......Have a Good Shabbos...


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