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"because you did not serve Has., your G-d with joy and with a glad heart......" (28:47)

The verse seems to be talking about people who do serve G-d, but something is lacking in their service, namely the element of joy.

Actually, this is one of the reasons given by the Torah as to how the "curses' of the previous verses can come about , chos vesholom.However, a question can be asked, if the mitzvot are being done, why should it matter if Im happy or sad? When a person does a mitzvah with the element of joy, the person is actually acknowledging the tremendous value he or she places in the COMMANDER of such mitzvot, namely G_D. This is in fact a sanctification of G-ds say the least.As the MESILOT YESHURIM writes in Chelek Hachasidus "....Rejoicing that one has been privileged to serve the Blessed Master, who has no equal, and to occupy oneself with His Torah and His Mitzvot, which embody true perfection and eternal preciousness......". Furthermore,with joy a person can bring G_D into his or her life,as the Rabbis Zechor Labrocha in Shabbos 30b write" the devine presnce comes to rest upon one only through his rejoicing in a mitsvah."

Has. seems to go where His presence is obviously welcome.....Just as nobody likes a rude waitor, G_D does not embrace a lack of joy.....By focusing on the greatness of G_D and the greatness of His Mitzvot, this in itself can be a catalysis for tremendous joy in the performance of Mitzvot.........All it takes is a little effort and thought.....Have a good Shabbos..........


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