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"..........that one not be like Korach and his company....."(17:5)

In Numbers (26:11), it is stated , "And the sons of Korach did not die".............Rashi comments that at first the sons of Korach were involved in the conspiracy against Aaron, but at the time of the dispute had thoughts of repentance in their hearts......." From the sons of Korach we can ,bezer Hashem, learn a very important lesson. There always exists an opportunity and opening for repentance.

Its interesting to note that this repentance took place at the dispute moments before the earth swollowed Korach and his company. A person should never feel that the chance for repentance is over, no matter the circumstance......

The Yalkut Shimoni,(Kohelet,9:4) states, "That as long as the individual is alive,there is yet hope for repentance."(end of quote)....In Iggaret Hamussar, Rabbi Yisrael Salanter(zecher tzadik labrocha), points out the following, "often when a person has become engulfed over some time in a certain evil trait, he may feel that it is for nought to try to and eliminate the evil trait, and he may even ponder, "This is my weakness, and I must live with it". This attitude is the very opposite of the true Torah approach.

From the Yalkut Shimoni,Kohelet (9;4), Reb Yisrael Salanter,(Zecher labrocha), points out that it is trully never to late to follow a path of moral and spiritual self improvement"."..........Thus we see that the sons of Korach repented in their hearts only, and in a split second were saved from utter destruction...........No one should ever despair regarding their past misdeeds,but must instead focus their attention on the tremendous power of rependance,namely in its ability to change an individual for the better.........

If only a person would realize and appreciate the power that lies within all of us to repent, perhapes real positive change would be possible..........The sons of Korach are trully examples of whats possible..................Remember life itself is synonimous with Repentance.......Have a good Shabbos


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