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This parsha sheet is being dedicated to my beloved father, Nachman Shimon ben Yehuda Meir Hakohan,Z"L.May it be a merit for his soul.


" Korach ............took................." (16:1)(13;20)

This "taking" was an act of persuading a rebellion against Mosha and Aaron. Its the "taking" away of someone's free will.This was a very powerful movement against Aaron's authority in the position of being the "High Priest".Yet we find that Korach had 3 sons Assir, Elkana, and Aviassaf. These sons , however, were saved from the calamity....... Its interesting to note that these sons are referred to as "the sons of Korach", namely in the Psalms. (Refer to Psalm 45, ect) A very curious question can be asked,we find in Baba Mezia59b the following statement: " If there is a case of hanging in one's family record, say not to him, "hang this fish up for me". This might cause a person to be shamed because of its hurtful reference.................Therefore, why do we refer to the sons of Korach as the "sons of Korach", isn't this derogatory and shameful to associate these righteous men with reference to their father's shameful rebellion? Perhapes there's a lesson to be learned? In Yalkut Shimoni 752, it states the following about the sons of Korach: " While Mosha came to visit Korach in order to some how persuade him not to rebel, the sons of Korach found themselves in a dilemma, " If we arise for Mosha, we offend our father. If we remain seated, on the other hand, we transgress the Mitzvah of giving honor to a Torah Scholar. They decided to fulfill the Torah commandment , and arose in honor of Mosha even if their father was angry."(end of quote) This took great courage on their part..........Its often not easy to go against the flow........Yet the sons of Korach were unique in that they were seekers of truth..........This is what saved honest conviction to do what's right. Its precisely for this reason they are known as the sons of Korach......................They were surely influenced greatly by their father, and the very movement he started against Mosha and Aaron. Even so, they sought to do what was right in the face of tremendous adversity..................By calling them the "sons of Korach", we are in actuality praising them for their courage . There were no other men who were so under the influence of their father than these 3 men, yet they found a way to do what was right. By calling them the 'sons of Korach", we emphasize this very fact...... Every person is being pulled by the "fads" of his time and location....................yet some how we need to still be able to retain a sense of free will to do what is right in the face of adversity....................The sons of Korach should be examples to us all..Have a good Shabbos


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