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Lech Lecha

"I will make your offspring as the dust of the earth......"(13:16)

THe Medrash Bereshis Rabbah (41:12) states the reason "dust" is used as a metaphor in reference to Abrahams offspring (the Jewish people) is because the earth is only productive when mixed with nourishing water.Therefore,the Jewish people will only be blessed in the merit of Torah learning which is often compared to water..............

We can ,Bezer Hashem, learn a very interesting lesson from this Medrash as follows:Without the Torah a Jew is basically devoid of nourishment,however, with the Torah great things can happen. The visual contrast between a futile parcel of land and one which is neglected is often very stricking indeed. A well tendered garden is a pleasure to behold,with its lush greenery and fragrant flowers......However ,much work and watering must be invested into the "dust" so that its potential can be actualized......We must all perhapes view ourselves as a parcel of land,elemental at most,thirsty for nourishment......But a very important question must be asked,how will we take care of this parcel so that a lush and fragrant garden can be produced? The Torah is definately needed so that the greatness within can be nourished and actualized.........If we can only view the Torah as the nourishment needed in the pursuit of greatness,how would our perspective change in regard to Torah learning? The potential is there,we must only be keen enough to recognize its existance, and the required nourishment needed to bring it to fruition,Bezer Hashem......Have a good Shabbos......................


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