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Lech lecha

............Every male among you shall be circumcised (17:10)

The Sefer hachinuch makes the following comment about the Mitzvah of

Brit milah: "For it is known to the wise that the perfection of the human body is achieved by removing the foreskin from it....... G-d did not create man complete and perfect from the womb, in order to hint to man that just as perfection of his physical form is by his own hand, so does it lie within his own means to perfect his soul by his actions......" An achievement acquired with ones own initiative and hard work is sweeter than having that achievement given to one as a free gift. To many of us the efforts towards a goal is often burdensome, but seldom do we realize that the obstacles encountered are often blessings in disguise......The chesed of Has.

in giving us the ability to achieve spiritual or physical goals through our own initiative is tremendous.....The joy one can experience when the goal is finally attained is boundless.....Obstacles should never be viewed as impediments to our joy, but as vehicles that can potentially increase or enhance our joy when the goal is finally achieved. It is definatly comforting to know that Hash. wants us to realize that through our efforts we can reach our personal "perfection". The Sefer Hachinuch (zecher labrocha) is teaching us through the Mitzvah of Milah that we have within each of us the ability to make changes for the better through our actions. ....

Just like Milah "perfects" the human form, our actions can "perfect" our soul.........Have a good Shabbos........


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