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"And Eliezer the Priest said to the men of war that went to battle.........." (31:21)

Rashi comments that since Mosha was angry at the officers of the army for allowing the Midian woman to be taken captive,Eliezer was, therefore, appointed to teach the laws of cleansing Gentile vessels.

Anger has the ability to cloud ones judgement..........A question can be asked, what is it about anger that can potentially cause an individual, even Mosha, to arrive at wrong Halachic conclusions?

Avot(2:6) states that, "an impatient person can not teach"..........The Orchos Tzadikim (Shar12: Shar Hakos---anger) quotes Avot 2:6, and explains that because a teacher exhibits anger, the students are afraid to ask concerning any of their doubts; and even if the students do ask, the teachers mind is not able to sufficiently explain the subject matter.

From the Torah we can clearly see that the mood of the teacher is of upmost importance in the teaching process.Mosha displayed anger, and thus was unable to properly transmit the laws to Israel.

Torah learning must, therefore, be transmitted with the proper mood, namely with joy and happiness.Our students and children need to be allowed to explore the glory of the Torah without any hints of anger whatsoever......If Mosha was prevented from teaching due to anger,why should our children be given any less than the generation of the desert.......? Have a good shabbos


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