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Nezavim - Vayeloch

"It is not in the heaven.........Nor is it beyond the sea......But the word is very near to you, in your mouth and in your heart, that you may do it" (30:12--14)

At times a person may experience a feeling that the Torah is beyond his or her reach. The yetzer harah works on our minds, and we imagine that there is no hope for us, chos vesholom. This is known as being in a state of "yeush" (no hope) chos vesholom. However, the Torah testifies that this very notion is false and imaginary. Not only does the Torah say that we are near to the ideals of the Torah, but that we are "very" near. But how does a person get out of the state of "yeush"? Its a very good question........Verse (30:14)reveals the answer...........

First, realize that the notion of being far from the torah is imaginary, as stated above.... Second, when the Torah says,"it is in your mouth", it means that in order to get out of a rut one must first pray. The power of prayer should never be underestimated.....Tell G-d everything that is bothering you and ask for help....Third, when the Torah says," and it is in your heart", it means that one must awaken the close feelings you once experienced towards the Torah. Everybody at times felt a connection to the Torah.....Remember that time and bring it out of your hearts memory. Fourth, "that you may do it", the "it" refers to doing "teshuva" (repentance). Follow the advice of Mishlei(24:16)--" A tzaddik (rightous person) may fall 7 times but he keeps rising......." Have a good shabbos........


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