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"And he (Mosha) laid his hands upon him (Yohoshua)......(27:23)

Rashi comments that Mosha had bestowed the leadership to Yohoshua with a benevelent eye much more than what Mosha was commanded, because in verse 27:18 G-d had commanded Mosha to lay only one hand, however, in verse 27:23 it states that Mosha had laid both hands......

It is well known that Mosha was a most humble man,as stated in Bamidbar (12:3).... Mosha fully understood and appreciated the fact that he had received so much from Hashem. It now came time for the leadership to pass to Yehoshua. If Mosha had received so much from Hashem, Mosha felt that it was only fitting that Yohoshua receive the leadership from him in a most gracious manner. Only a trully humble person like Mosha was capable of exceeding G-ds command, and bestow the leadership fully and graciously with 2 hands instead of 1.

We must all learn how to give fully of ourselves to Hashem and our fellow man to the fullest extent without any hestitation whatsoever.... How different would our Avodus Hashem and our relationships be ,if we would only approach them with graciousness and openness. True Tzaddikim know that the key to fully reaching our real potential in Avodus Hashem is essentially with developing a giving spirit,like Mosha had demonstrated with Yohoshua.

Have a good Shabbos.


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