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"See, I present before you today a blessing and a curse"(11:26)

The universal dilema of making decisions that will either lead a person on the proper path or not is an ongoing challenge for everyone and at every moment. The verse itself testifies to this fact when the Torah uses the word "today". "Today" emphasizes the ongoing permanance of this challenge. But , how can one be confident that he or she will be capable of making the right choices? The verse itself gives us a clue......The word "RE'Eh" (see) denotes the ability to make tangible distinctions. Just as a person with sight can distinguish between blue and green, so too must a "Oved Has." (servant of G_d) be capable of clearly distinguishing between good and evil by mere sight. Its not enough to know the difference between good and evil intellectually, this ability must be harnessed in a tangible manner. Acquiring such ability requires a person to be able to take his or her Torah learning from a intellectual realm and make it tangible.Whenever a person learns a Torah concept or halacha , the person should always ask themselves, "How can I incorporate this concept into my everyday life. Never leave your Torah learning suspended in mid air; ground it and make it a reality. Can you imagine a person who learns the laws of "loshon Hara" , but never takes time out to think about ways to incorporate the laws into his or her daily life!!!!!!!! Make the Torah a reality, and it will be Bezer hash. a reality ....................Have a good shabbos


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