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"You shall utterly destroy all the places wherein the nations served (Idols)...................." (12:2)

When the Jewish People entered the Land of Israel, G-d commanded them to totally destroy all remnants of idol worship........

Rashi comments based on Avodah Zarah 45 that from this verse we learn that when one destroys an idol, its "roots" must be removed after it. A question can be asked, what are the "roots" of idol worship?

A fundamental principle in Judaism is the concept of Emunah (faith). This means that a person must feel totally and utterly dependent upon Hashems mercy.Everything is from G-d Almighty, nothing exits without Hashem willing it to be so.......Therefore, the roots of idol worship is basically the false notion that G-d is somewhat absent from the world,and that whatever happens is a coincidence, or attributed to any other force other than G-d. Its not enough to just physically destroy idols, but the "roots" of idol worship inherent in all of us must be eradicated as well.Let us all acknowledge G-ds existance by simply reinforcing our faith in G-ds dominion over the universe...Have a good Shabbos


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