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......And when he (Aaron) sees you (Moshe) , he will be glad in his heart.......(4:14)

The Torah testifies to the fact that Aaron will be happy not only externally, but also internally (heart). Only the Torah can ascertain this, since its an inner and personal quality.....A person at times can be outwardly pleased, yet internally jealous.....However, what was the motivating factor behind Aarons joy? ........Aaron was overjoyed at the prospects of the forthcoming redemption.....It didnt matter to him whether he or someone else would be G-ds messenger,as long as the redemption was being put into motion and initialized....... Aarons only concern was for the nations wellfare......His own personal aggrandizement was nonexistant.......

In Shabbos (139a) it says the following: "R.Malai said, "As a reward for being happy upon seeing Moshe, Aaron merited to wear the priestly breastplate on his heart (also refer to Medrash Shamos Rabbah 3:17).....A question can be asked, What is the connection between being happy when seeing Mosha and the priestly breast plate? Perhaps the answer is as follows: In Shemos (28:30) where it deals with the breast plate specifically, it states, "and Aaron shall bear the judgement of Yisrael upon his heart before Has. continually....." The Sforno comments, "that he (Aaron) may pray for them (Yisrael) that they be found meritorious in judgement before heaven....

"...... It appears that one of the functions of being a High Priest was to be a source and advocate of merit for the nation......However, only a person that loves the nation, and is only concerned with its wellfare can possibly be such a source....Aaron was surely the most qualified bearer of the breast plate, and thus induced to pray for Yisrael's merit.....

In Berochot (7a), it says that "R. YISHMAEL BEN ELISHA (the HIGH PRIEST) said, "it once happened that on Yom kippur I entered into the innermost part of the sanctuary....and saw AK......Y, the Lord of Hosts seated on an exalted throne. He said to me ,"Yishmael, My son, bless me!" "I said to him, "May it be your will that your mercy should suppress your that you will conduct yourself with your children with mercy.....and G-d knodded to me with his head......"

Would it not be wonderfull if we can all become advocates of mercy and merit for Yisrael before Has......... Perhaps this is an untapped source of spirituality awaiting all of us to be utilized.....have a good Shabbos, bezer Has.


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