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"You shall be wholehearted with Has., your G-d" (18:13)

Rashi comments that a person should walk with wholeheartedness, and depend upon Him.........refer to Rashi....There are many relationships that a person has during his or her lifetime, namely parental, marital ect. These relationships are examples as to how we should relate to Has. . IN our prayers we refer to G-d as "our father, our king". The common denominator in all healthy relationships is trust. When trust is broken, it can at times dissolve the relationship. One of the fundamental ways a Jew relates to G-d is by trusting in Him.

Therefore, in the previous verses the Torah specifically warns us not to seek out fortunetellers for the very reason that it is a lack of trust in Has. But, how can a person reinforce his or her trust in Has. on a daily basis? The Shulchan Aruch in simon230/ 5 writes that a person should always accustom himself to say" that whatever Has. does, is for the good".THe ultimate demonstration of our trust in G-d is by realizing that eventhough G-ds reasons are not readily apparent, we still believe that it is for our best.....In Bereishis(1:31) , the verse emphasizes this very point when it says , "And G-d saw everything that he had made, and it was good....." . The Torah testifies to the fact that all of G-ds actions are ultimately GOOD........ Have a Good shabbos......


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