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" When you go out to the battle against your enemy, and you see horse and chariot-a people more numerous than you- you shall not fear them, for Hashem your G-d is with you, Who brought you up from the land of Egypt."(20:1)

I would like to perhapes learn this verse in a metaphorical manner.......Every person is confronted daily with a battle against their own personal "evil inclination". To do good to do evil, the choice is before us.At times we might feel a bit overwhelmed by the many ploys and schemes put before us by the evil inclination. This can be very disheartening .................and, G-d forbid, hopelessness sets in. However, since all battles are similar, the verse above might give us some clue as to how we can handle the battle confronting us daily with the evil inclination. In verse 20:1 above , the Torah is telling us that when the Jewish people face a great enemy or foe, we should not fear but instead to remember that G-d took us out of Egypt. There is something about the Egptian redemption that is very significant when confronting an enemy. This is what we must focus our attention on to perhapes get a glimpse into how to succeed against the evil inclination, namely our own personal struggle with evilness. The answer is perhapes as follows: When Hashem took the Jewish people out of Egypt, He revealed his splendor to the world with the multitude of miracles and wonders that were performed for the sake of the Jewish people.Our perception of Hashem was actualized and put into focus.Therefore, the more we can perceive Hashem, the less the evil inclination has dominion over us. For this can be readily understood, for how can a person possibly sin if one can actually feel Hashems presence? Sin is virtually impossible in such a circumstace. When we focus our attention on the Egptian redemption, we actualize our perception of Hashem. King David understood this concept well as he stated in Psalms16:8, "I have set Hashem Before me always".............. If Hashem is before you always, then the "evil inclination's" imaginary strength falters and melts away. Have a good Shabbos............................................................


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