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This Torah thought is being dedicated to my beloved father, Nachman Shimon ben Yehuda Meir Hakohan, Z"L.


"And he shall call out: unclean, unclean....."(13:45)

The "meztora" ( a person stricken with tzaras) calls out his plight to the public. In Sotah 32b, the Talmud explains the reason why this is done as follows: " So that people will be motivated to pray for his recovery." A question can be asked as follows, we know that "tzaras" is a spiritual affliction that has physical symptoms. The Talmud Erachin 15a states mentions 7 sins that can bring about "Tzaras". ( 1. Evil gossip, 2. Murder, 3.Immorality, 4. False oath, 5. Arrogance, 6. Theft, 7. Miserliness) . It is therefore logical to conclude that if "Tzaras" is a spiritual disease then the only way the Metzora can be healed is through the changing of his ways, so we must therefore try to understand what actually are the people praying for in regard to the Metzora. If its only for his recovery, that can only be brought about by the Metzora himself which is beyond the control of the onlookers!!!!! I would like to answer the question , Bezrat Hashem, as follows: The Torah wants the people to pray for the Metzora being able to examine his deeds so that he can possibly find the root cause for his illness , namely the 7 sins.Its often exceedingly difficult for a person to find a fault in himself. This is man's nature, he's blinded by his ego. The people pray that G-d open the eyes of the Metzora so that he'll be able to discover where he has gone astray. The Metzora is in desperate need of this type of Devine assistance......... To be able to see one's faults is truly a gift so that change can be properly facilitated. The Torah is teaching us a tremendous lesson................ Not only should we pray for our friend's physical well being, but we should also pray for his spiritual well being as well. Have a good shabbos...


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