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"Make for Me (G-d) a sanctuary----so that I may dwell among them (Israel)(25:8)

According to the Chiddushei Geonim Menochos 29, the structure of the sanctuary can correspond to the various organs of the human body...

For instance:

  • Ark------------Heart
  • Table----------Stomach
  • Menora---------Brain
  • Lavor----------Blood
  • Curtains-------Skin
  • Beams----------Bones...........ECT

From the Chiddushei Geonim it can be deduced that the human form is capable of being a recepticle of G-ds Presence.......This is indeed a very powerful concept.......However, the question remains, in what way can we allow G-d to dwell within our own personal relm, namely the body?.......

Perhapes the answer is as follows: By developing a generous and giving heart we can perhapes initiate the process of bringing G-d into our lives......It is perhapes for this very reason parshat Teruma begins by stating, "Take for me a portion from every man whose heart motivates him.......(25:2)......The Torah is telling us that the first step to bringing G-d into our lives is generosity..The more generous, the more able we are to relinquish the ego....Perhapes, a kind word, a smile, and even a listening ear is all thats needed for G-ds Presence to be welcomed into our personal relm........Have a Good Shabbos


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