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"After that his brother emerged with his hand holding on to the heel of Esau; so he called his name Jacob......." (25;26)

A question can be asked ,what is the significance of Jacob holding on to his brother Esau's heel as he was emerging from his mothers womb? Also ,why was Jacob named after this incident? Its seems very minor...............

Perhapes the answer can be explained as follows,Bezrat Hashem: A wicked person often tries to mock and trample upon rightousness in an effort to belittle the rightous man or woman.........We find in the Haggadah of Passover that when the "wicked son" askes his question,he is in reality asking, "what possible instant gratification can you possibly derive from all this work?"Thus trampling on and demeanig the great significance of Passover.......When Jacob held on to the heel of Esau,Jacob was symbolically teaching that the key to defeating Esau was to steadfastly hold on to the very things Esau wished to trample on,namely the values of the Torah. A spiritual and material rivalry will always be present between Jacob and Esau........However,the power of Jacob can always be found in his uncanny ability to grasp firmly to the Torah in defiance to Esau's redicule.It is ,therefore, very significant to all generations to realize where our power lies in our struggle to defeat Esau ,especially in our time..(The exile that we are presently in is known as "the exile of Edom (Esau)").We must firmly grasp on to the values of the Torah ,and never let go as Jacob our father demonstrated.......There are those that say that we are presently at a time known as the "Birthpangs of the Messiah".......Its is interesting to note that Jacob had grasped Esau's heel during their very birth as a symbolic representation of this period .........Have a good Shabbos.................


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