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"and moreover I (G-D) have heard the groaning of the children of Israel whom the Egyptians keep in servitude , and I (G_D) have remembered my covenant" (6:5)

A question can be asked, If G_D is under a contractual obligation to Abraham, Issac and Jacob to redeem Israel,and bring them into the land of Canaan, so why is it necessary to mention the "groanings" of Israel as an impetus for redemption? One might venture to say that the "moanings" are inconsequential?.........

I would like to learn a novel idea, as follows: Eventhough the "moanings" are inconsequential, G-d is still aware and cognizant of every single "moan and groan" suffered by the nation of Israel. It appears ,then, that G-d is very close to the nation of Israel...............Nobody should ever underestimate G-ds proximity to Israel.......This very idea is very powerfull, indeed.

As the Tractate Pesahim112a states, "More than the calf wishes to suck, does the cow desire to suckle".............If G_D is so close, then why do we feel so far? The Mesilot Yeshorim says in the chapter entitled "Mans Duty in the World", the following, "The Holy ONe Blessed be He has put man in a place where the factors which draw him further from g-d are many. These are the earthly desires which, if he is pulled after them, cause him to be drawn further from and to depart from the true good.It is seen ,then, that man is placed in the midst of a raging battle."

By knowing these 2 facts that namely (1) G-d is very close and, (2) that we are in the midst of a battle,it can perhapes help us gain perspective into mans struggle to discover G-d. If we can only see through the facade of the battle, perhapes G-d will appear. Have a good Shabbos...........


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