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"These were the same Aaron and Moses to whom G-d said, "Take the Children of Israel out from the land of Egypt....."(6:26-27)

Rashi comments that in certain places Aaron is mentioned before Moses, while in others, Moses precedes Aaron. This is meant to teach that they were considered as being equal to one another.(End of Comment) A question can be asked, no two people are actually equal. Each person is inherently different , each unique possessing different capabilities and skills.One person might excell in one area, while the other excells in a totally different area. We must therefore define "equality" as proposed by Rashi differently. There is a tremendous lesson to be learned from Moses and Aaron, or shall we say Aaron and Moses. Every human being wants to be honored.

This is man's nature. Aaron had every right to demand honor from Moses simply because Aaron was Moses' older brother, while Moses could have demanded honor from Aaron since Moses was chosen by G-d to lead the Jews out of Egypt. Yet, we never find such a conflict between them. Each, however, respected each others unique greatness.It was not about demanding honor that occupied their minds, it was about recognizing one another's greatness that counted. This is what made these two brothers great.They in essence neutralized,or "equalized" their human tendencies for honor by recognizing each others unique capabilities, and in stead of being "honor seekers" became "honor givers". The Torah is therefore teaching us an example of how two brothers have the capacity to live in harmony if they so choose. The Torah uses their names interchangibly to emphasize this very point. Yet, how is our interpersonable relationships? Is it like Aaron and Moses, or Moses and Aaron? Does it really matter who comes first? As long as G-d's glory is of paramount importance! Have a good Shabbos


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