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"Then Mosha Separated Three Cities" (4:41)

Rashi comments that even though these cities of refuge would not take effect presently, Mosha was diligent in his pursuit to set up the cities. Mosha Rabbenu is teaching us a very valuable lesson in how to perform Mitzvot. There is a Mitzvah that a mitzvah should be performed in a beautiful manner based on the verse in Shemos (15:2),"This is my G-d and I will glorify Him". This is known as "hedar Mitzvah".

When a person has an opportunity to perform a mitzvah and does the mitzvah immediately, without delay, that person demonstrates to the world that this very deed is important and valuable. However, when a person pushes a deed off for later, the burdensome nature of the deed is readily apparent. When Mosha separated the 3 cities immediately when the opportunity presented itself, he demonstrated to the world his love for mitzvots.

What greater "Hedar" can a person do in regard to Mitzvahs than to do them on time, immediately, without delay. The manner in which a person performs the mitzvot essentially demonstrates the persons attitude towards the Torah. Remember, diligence shows love; and thus beautifying the mitzvah itself...Have a good Shabbos...